Lake Powell’s Best Marine Services

Lake Powell Marine manages a number of houseboats in slips or buoys, we also have a “Launch and Retrieve” program for those who do not have a moorage. Watercrafts range from single-owner vessels to multi-owner houseboats that turn around every week. Each boat requires varied services. We pride ourselves on having the flexibility to customize our services for each owner’s/vessel’s wants and needs. We look forward to working with owners to provide them with ease and comfort on their boating vacation.

Lake Powell Marine cleaners are well known for their experience, excellence, and pride of workmanship.

Our cleaners are often subcontracted to clean other marine service companies’ vessels. Again, the amount and time allotted to cleaning your vessel will be decided by your desires. We also provide linen service, firewood, water dispensers, water jugs, waste removal, fueling, and a variety of valet services to enhance your boating vacation experience. Our crew is proficient at detailing, de-oxidizing, and waxing your vessel.

Boat Storage

We offer a large, 7-acre, blacktop area that is now used for boat storage. The area is secured by a 10 ft barbed wired fence surrounding the property. You can rest assured knowing that your boat is under the watch and care of Lake Powell Marine. We also provide extra services under our care like washing and waxing the boats and providing mechanical assistance when requested. We also winterize vessels to prevent damage during the winter season.


We maintain three semi-trucks and numerous trailers to facilitate hauling the various hull types. Our CDL drivers are of the highest caliber and have extremely high safety ratings. Our flag car drivers are all certified and safety conscious. Our trucks and trailers can be seen daily around Page and on the launch ramps of Lake Powell. Occasionally you will see us pulling out of the water the very large and heavy tour boats of the Lake Powell Resorts and Marinas at Wahweap Marina. Our transport team will rally even in the evening and through rough weather to pull a boat that is on the verge of sinking and pumps are being used to keep it afloat until our arrival.
While we transport most of the vessels in the Wahweap area for many owners and companies, we also haul to other locations outside of Page and Arizona. Utah, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, and California routes are traveled frequently. Our office staff makes certain that all permits are in place and that we are in compliance with all federal, state, and local requirements.